Everyone please enjoy my first attempt at the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge! I had 48 hours to write a 1,000 word fiction story.

My prompts: 25 | Genre: Horror | Location: A private jet | Object: A refrigerator

Exquisite Taste

Written By Kimberly

Brief Synopsis: Laney Johnson has always sought satisfaction in the finer things. When she decides to start her life over, she realizes that only embracing her true desires will ultimately satisfy her.

As the erratic loud rumble from her private jet lowered and blended into a soft and steady ambience, Laney Johnson dutifully ordered the most expensive glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the menu to accompany the exquisite feast that sat before her. It had to be precisely prepared to meet her satisfaction. No mistakes. In fact, she was so particular about the way her food was prepared, that she allowed no one but herself the honor of cooking her meal. Cooking her own meals was one chore she didn’t mind carrying out herself. She would not tolerate dissatisfaction and settled for nothing less than the best.

Should it be any other way? After all, Laney was one of the few African-American women that graduated with honors from Princeton. Laney’s parents showered her with everything she could ever dream of. They seemingly believed that they could somehow make-up for what their own parents could never give them. Will it all ever be enough to satisfy me?

The flight attendant returned with her wine, “How does everything taste ma’am?” he asked interrupting her meal. Laney didn’t budge. She just sat silently and stared out the small window into the baby blue void. Her eyes swelled with rage, then tears. She closed them tight as if trying to push her emotions back to where they originated. With each excruciating breath she remembered solemnly standing in the grand foyer. Before she left, she paused to take one final look around the lavish mansion in which she and her husband Lucas had spent the last seven years of their lives. At times, she had been happy there.

When she first laid eyes on Lucas she felt uncontrollable lust and yearning. It was a sensation she was familiar with, She often got this feeling in the beginning. She recognized the feeling as a weakness. She needed control. She had to hold strong and change course. There could be no mistakes.

“I think I have really outdone myself”, Laney finally responded to the flight attendant who had been hovering above her and her meal like a fly in the July heat. “It is absolutely divine and I can finally stop searching for the perfect recipe.” I finally feel satisfied.

“That is incredible ma’am!” The flight attendant cheerfully exclaimed. “To tell you the truth, I have never served a client that requested to bring her own meal aboard. You must really know what you like. That or you are a brilliant chef.”

Suddenly, brief searing flashes of the past began to invade her thoughts; Her husband. His soft kisses on her neck. The sex. The arguments. The yearning. The emptiness. The kitchen. The knife. The struggle. The warm, sticky blood on the marble floor. The refrigerator. The pot boiling steadily on the range. The shame. Most of all, The satisfaction. Laney cringed and made her way to the restroom. She had to wash her hands again. They were always stained no matter how hard she tried to clean them. Had the flight attendant noticed how long she was gone?

No matter. Laney stood up straight, looked in the mirror and freshened up her makeup. She was rich and beautiful. She could have anything or any man she wanted. Why should the last relationship have a greater effect on her than the others? That is why she had to start over. She needed a new beginning.

Laney sat down and savored the last of her meal. She shook her tears away. I will miss you Lucas.

A few hours later the private jet touched down in Monaco. Laney started collecting her belongings when the pilot stepped out of the cockpit.

“I hope you had an enjoyable flight ma’am.” He smiled credulously.

“It was–rejuvenating.” Laney stated carefully as she turned back, meeting the eyes of the pilot.

Usually he would not be my type, Laney thought excitedly to herself as her mouth began to salivate excessively at the possibility of her next savory indiscretion. The familiar weakness returned as she carefully eyed the pilot’s muscular physique and gorgeous piercing eyes. But maybe he will satisfy my appetite in ways my husband never could. I think I can find room for him in my refrigerator.


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